Cyber Security



Depending on organization size and sophistication, you may have a CIO, CISO, or just an IT manager in charge of security. Regardless, your customers, investors, and potentially compliance enforcers expect you to be fully prepared for all aspects of cyber attack prevention, detection, and response. It can be daunting.

We know how to assess, recommend, and right size your security management based on your business tolerance for risk and your budget.

CISO Advisory


Leverage our extensive strategic planning, operational, and investigative experience to define or enhance your cyber security strategies. We can equip you to make informed and practical cyber risk decisions given ever-present time, energy and budget constraints.

  • Regulatory Guidance
  • Risk Assessment
  • Cyber Investigations
  • Incident Response Readiness
  • Cyber Security Training

Forensic Evaluation


If a successful attack has occurred, we can help you  inspect a compute system for evidence of either how the attack was manifested, or what actual theft or damage occurred as a result of the attack.

Key Steps include:

  • Collection - Identifying and securing devices which may store evidence and documenting the attack
  • Analysis - Examination of file and metafile information for evidence of attack activity and/or attack impact (modified, damaged, copied, or removed files)
  • Report - Capture of findings including basic analysis of what happened and how this knowledge assist with remediation and security control / policy improvements

Incident Response


The frequency of data breaches, hacks and security compromises continue to rise at an alarming rate, and expand in scope. What’s more, the impact of cybersecurity breaches continues to grow worse as organizations increasingly shift to digital systems and operations. 

Our team of cybersecurity, threat intelligence and digital forensics experts have deep knowledge and extensive experience helping organizations face the threat of cybersecurity incidents. We can respond immediately to an incident and help you put a plan in place so you’re prepared to detect a possible threat and act quickly after an incident occurs.

Identity & Access Mgmt


Identity and access management (IAM) solutions provide definition, structure and control over which users have access to which resources, and under what conditions that access is allowed or revoked.

 Our IAM installation, configuration, and integration expertise ensures that all aspects of your business are considered along the path to greater security and compliance, solving key planning, design and implementation questions like: 


  • Which departments and systems need to work with the identity management system?
  • What business processes are required to support identity management and who should create, implement, and manage them?
  • Which solution approach is best for your organization?
  • Which existing systems will need to integrate with the identity management system? How should that integration be enabled and who can do it?
  • Do you have the proper in-house expertise to implementing the solution?
  • Who is responsible for defining roles and user access rights, including employees, contractors, vendors, and other constituents? 

Elections Monitoring


24/7 Security Operations Center

Cybersecurity doesn’t end with an assessment and an initial mitigation effort. It is an ongoing endeavor that requires a constant watchful eye. Our Security Operations Center (SOC) is staffed with cybersecurity experts who have decades of specific experience in protecting the most targeted organizations against cyber adversaries. They know what to look for and how to quickly respond before a potential threat becomes a serious problem.

Through our vendor-agnostic approach, we are able to use a combination of industry-leading products and technologies to deliver the best monitoring and protection services possible. Any time of the day or night, you can rest easy knowing someone is always on watch.